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About Liu Education

Who we are?

LIU Institute of Child Development is the original inventor of the Visual, Auditory, and Sensory-Motor (VAS) Learning Abilities Enhancement Education System. This education system is utilized in order to correct the behavior problems for children and provide support for below-average learning performance. For over 40 years since 1979, this methodology has been applied clinically everywhere, and has helped over 300,000 children surmount learning difficulties.

After a VAS assessment for each child, a personalized and individualized lesson plan is customized for the child's level and needs by the team of specialists. Students are paired up with specialists in one to one to one to four ratios. These specialists undergo a rigorous training program that prepares them for teaching abilities such as communication, reading and writing skills, organization, comprehension, emotional development, and social interaction. Once students achieve these skills, they gain a sense of accomplishment, which bolsters confidence and self-esteem. Periodic and systematic reassessments are implemented in order to monitor the students' progress and adjust each student's program. Because of this, the students' core VAS abilities are quickly elevated, and rapid improvement of response time, reaction time, and reflex speed will be soon evident.

What we do?

LIU-VAS provides assessment, continued training, support, and a clear solution for children with inabilities to focus, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and autism. LIU-VAS's training program includes:

  • Assessment of your child's visual, auditory, and sensory-motor abilities
  • Consultation with parents regarding assessment results
  • Individualized lesson plans and implementation by specialists according to your child's needs and current level of performance
  • Reassessment after 4-6 months to provide parents with measurable results of your child's progress

History and Timeline

Founded in 1979, Liu Education was one of the first educational institution in Taiwan to focus on helping intellectually normal kids with "learning difficifulties" challenges. For over 40 years, for 300,000 children, LIU Institute has been dedicated to helping further children's educations, one child at a time. With over 18 locations directly managed around the world, LIU's VAS program has been able to provide individualized, specialized instruction tailored to each child's specific needs. We focus not only on academic subjects but on improving core VAS abilities of each child and providing children with lifelong learning skills that will help them well into adulthood.
In 1988, we added specialized programs for children with ADHD and Autism in our curriculums. We then expanded to the city of Los Angeles in May of 1995, and have conitued to help kids and families in the United States ever since.
We believe that by training the child's learning abilities, we help him or her improve their overall learning efficiencies. Based on our assessment results of the child's visual, auditory, and sensory-motor abilities, we will consult with the parents to provide the child individualized lesson plans and trainings according to his or her needs and current level of performance. Each child is unique and precious, and we believe that, with customized support and resources, all children have the capability to learn and reach their full potentials.

Advisory Experts

Dr. Herbert Liu
LIU Education
Liu Foundation

Ed.D., Lincoln Uni.
Master, Special Ed.,
Holy Names Uni.

William Liu
Director, Teaching
Taipei First Dist. Dir.
Renai Manager

M.A., Columbia Uni.
(Learning dis/Abilities)

Jerry Liu
Visiting Expert
Shanghai Sister Comp.

Ed.D., Fielding Grad. Uni.
MBA., Pepperdine Uni.
B.A., UC Santa Barbara

Erin Ting Liu
Visiting Expert
Shanghai Sister Comp.

M.A., Columbia Uni.
B.A., UC Berkeley

Tina Lee
VAS Analyst
Southern Dist. Dir.
Kaohsiung Manager

Lynn Wu
VAS Analyst
Central Dist. Dir.
VAS Instructor

Wing Huang
VAS Analyst
Beijing BusDev Dir.
Haidian Manager

Visa Shih
VAS Analyst
New Taipei Dist. Dir.
Banqiao Manager

Amy Chang
VAS Analyst
Taipei Second Dist. Dir.
Guangfu Manager

Jing Lee
VAS Analyst
Jingmei Manager


  • 1979

    Founded Liu's Children Development Center, one of the first institute focusing on children's learning difficulties in Taiwan.

  • 1987

    Dr. Liu received his Doctorate degree in Education from Lincoln University.

  • 1988

    Dr. Liu expanded learning and training program for kids with ADHD and Autism.

  • 1993

    Dr. Liu published 2 books, "Barriers to Learning Ability" and "100 Questions with Learning Disabilities".

  • 1994

    Established the first LEC branch in China.

  • 1995

    Established a branch in Los Angeles, California.

  • 1995

    Dr. Liu was interviewed by the World Journal in Los Angeles, discussing and analyzing learning disabilities.

  • 1997

    Dr. Liu was on the cover of the November issue of the Chinese Los Angeles Times Magazine.

  • 1998

    Dr. Liu re-published "Dr. Liu talks about children with learning disabilities".

  • 2003

    Dr. Liu published the first version of "Farewell to being one step too slow".

  • 2004

    Taipei flagship Ren-Ai branch was founded.

  • 2009

    Shanghai Hongqiao Sister branch was founded.

  • 2009

    Taipei Guangfu branch was founded.

  • 2011

    Shanghai Jingan Sister branch was founded.

  • 2011

    Taipei Jingmei branch was founded.

  • 2012

    Taipei Neihu branch was founded.

  • 2014

    New Taipei City Xinzhuang branch was founded.

  • 2014

    LEC's expert team co-authored and published the "Let autistic children grow out of learning difficulties - Based on the LEC VAS Teaching Methodology".

  • 2016

    Dr. Liu published "Farewell to learning inefficiency".

  • 2016

    Beijing branch was founded.

  • 2018

    Beijing Haidian branch was founded, Beijing Branch was renamed to Beijing Chaoyang branch.

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  • How to teach your child to become smarter Audiobook
    Through interviews and conversations with Dr. Liu Hongbai, parents and teachers are able to master the art and tricks of teaching smarter kids!

  • Barriers to Learning Ability
    Do you think your children are "strange", procrastinating, timid, and lack of concentration... Do you have more than 100 questions? Then you should open this book...

  • Dr. Liu talks about children with learning disabilities
    Certainly not impossible, but it's hard to calm down! Dr. Liu tells you the real reasons and solutions on how to help the restless children who are either gifted or of normal intelligence with learning difficulties to calm down.

  • 100 Questions with Learning Disabilities
    Is your child a "strange" genius? He's great, but do you suspect he has a learning disability? Don't guess, just open this book. Dr. Liu will help you understand what learning disabilities are all about, and try to find ways to help your family's "strange genius".

  • Let autistic children grow out of learning difficulties - Based on the LEC VAS Teaching Methodology
    Dr. Asperger, who discovered the Asperger syndrome, believed that "education is the most important thing of all". LEC's team of experts rely on clear logic and examples to clarify the reasons for autistic children's learning problems and provide complete VAS learning methods to help them improve. This book is indeed a heavyweight knowledge collection in the education sector.

  • Farewell to Learning Inefficiency
    What a child sees is the world he lives in where he explores the wonders of things through vision, hearing, and movement, and ultimately gains wisdom. We focus on observing how a child learns, whether his or her ability is fully utilized, and through education and guidance, we help the child overcome learning difficulties and barriers.

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To place an order, please contact Liu Education's Corporate Headquarters: +886-2-2395-1116, or email us at contact@liueducation.com.