Work Opportunity

Liu Education provides professional education staff a good platform to become a even better educator. The most successful teacher will be committed to continuous learning with a positive attitude toward company-provided training. He will take the initiative to communicate and exchange ideas when in need.

If a teacher only gets a fixed salary, he often does not value professional too much. Such teachers may encounter frustrations while teaching at Liu Education. A large portion of a Liu teacher's income comes from the teacher's own commitment and effort. Liu education offers unlimited possibilities in a pursuit of self-growth and rewards.

If you are eager for challenges, freedom, and opportunity to learn, and want to change the lives of children with your own strength, please contact as as soon as possible. Walk with us to start learning how to influence and be a positive force in others' lives.


New teachers will attend 3 weeks of training session at their local branch. Through initial training, we hope to instill confidence in teachers with limited teaching experiences. Even though the training does not cost these teachers monetary value, all the teachers involved agreed that the training was a rewarding and worthy process and an extremely important step. This training focuses on interations and reenactment of a class session, using practical lessons to help teachers learn and gain confidence.

By teaching and training on a daily basis, Liu Education's Regional Manager, Branch Manager, and Deputy Manager will constantly monitor the progress of each teacher's growth, and to strength their understanding and real-time application of the VAS learning system. By learning and mastering the principles of the VAS methodology, we continue to foster each teacher's teaching ability, in order to help them face a variety of children's learning challenges they may face in the feature.
In the process of continuous training -> set goals -> completion, teachers can hone their skills, provide appropriate learning solutions to address each child's learning challenges, gradually accummulate confidence to face all problems regarding children's learning ability and difficulties.

Continue to strengthen the ability to apply the VAS methodology to each child's learning challenges, teachers are constantly encouraged by Liu Education to perform at the highest level, which is the core to Liu Education's belief. Whereever the teacher encounter problems, they will take notes and be asked regularly to report their progress. This valuable interation will help teachers start a virtuous cycle, and through this cycle, Regional Manager, Branch Manager, and Deputy Manager will provide appropriate encouragement on a timely manner to help teacher overcome any obstables. This support will help teachers learn the system much faster and more effective, ultimately improving their teaching quality and confidence.

Regular meetings will also provide another opportunity to learn, including enhanced teaching skills, improved teaching methods, better ability to help students set gaols, upgraded comminication skills, time and financial management capabilities.

Working as a Teacher

Every teacher with Liu Education will be supervised and supported by the Regional Manager, Branch Manager, and Deputy Manager to work on improving children's VAS learning ability. With our format of a self-governance contract, our teachers have the freedom to manage their own time and schedule. Their work included the following:

  • Prepare learning materials for students before class. Each training course typically takes 100 to 150 minutes.
  • Update the student's progress report and submit it to the branch manager or deputy manager.
  • Constantly review the student's performance with the branch manager or deputy manager.
  • Teachers are required to attend the weekly teachers' meeting, actively participate in various training workshops, as well as learning teaching and communication skills.

Career Opportunities

Liu Education provides opportunities for all top-quality teachers to ultimately join our manage team. Liu Education's clear career roadmap provides people room to grow in every stage. Each of the graduates are able to clearly see a path to become a business manager for Liu Education in every step of the way.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager (or Deputy Manager) is responsible for the following important duties regarding quality control and training:

  • Continue to maintain the level of professionalism and excellent standard of teaching ability in each branch. She will set the best example of continued improvement in leadership and management skills for all the staff.
  • Mainly through one on one discussion sessions with the parents, she will review and identify the progress and results of each child's VAS learning ability. She will consult with the branch manager to provide ways for the student to improve.
  • She will consult with the branch manager to provide ways for the student to improve.
  • Attend the weekly teachers' meeting and actively participate in various training workshops, as well as learning teaching and communication skills.

District Manager

The District Manager (or Regional Manager) position is a core management position in Liu Education. By becoming a branch manager, it symbolize that she has proven herself in every step of the ladder in Liu Education, and fully demostrated her excellence in teaching, professionalism, and passion in the field of education. A branch manager in Liu Education runs her own education center independently. Liu Education's branch manager is a great example to showcase unlimited enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit in helping self and others to achieve success.